Weddings are the perfect thing to send people into a excitement. Weddings also are one of those occasions where we obsess over every little detail from the dress to the venue to the vows to the ring. The ring is probably the most talked about clothing item after the dress. From the moment an engagement is announced, the next question is “What does the ring look like?” People spend countless hours and sometimes a fortune picking our wedding rings, with some people dropping millions on the perfect rock. Diamonds and Rubies are a choice stone for the gem.

Some however, are breaking this tradition by foregoing rings all together. You heard that right, some people don’t even get rings at all. What do they get instead? *drum roll*…….Tattoos. Yes, tattoos. These permanent inscriptions are growing in popularity as some couples would rather get inked up than blinged up. Some get their spouses name tattooed (usually on the ring finger), some get a phrase such as ‘Trust’, some get their wedding date or some get a symbol.

Its quite controversial as some people are against all tattoos for religious reasons. Some people would rather stick to tradition. There’s also the fact that tattoos are painful and expensive to remove to take into consideration in case the relationship fails. Whatever your opinion, wedding tattoos are a trend :

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