It is finally Friday, which means that the blessed weekend is now upon us. That means that you and your significant other are mostly free from the hassles of working life and can get some quality time together. The weekend is a time of rest and relaxation and can also be a time to hang out with the one you love and there are a variety of places you can go and things you can do, some of which are below:


  • Go-Karting: Fancy a bit of fun behind the wheel? Go-karting is an amazing way to get in touch with your inner child and have fun at the same time. They have been increasing in popularity and should definitively be on your list of things to do.


  • Movies: Who doesn’t like a good film to spend an afternoon? Whether it’s a rom-com, thriller, action movie or fantasy, movies are a great way to enjoy your loved one’s company for a few hours while being entertained.


  • Appreciate the arts: Go to a museum, art gallery, book reading or any other art-related event. You might just discover a new artist or writer for the two of you to enjoy.


  • Go to a new restaurant: Few things bring people together like indulging their appetites. Whether it’s a new pizza place, barbecue house or amala joint, get your food on and try a new place.

  • Go to a club: Whether you want to get your dance on, have a few drinks or just need an excuse to bust out a freakum dress, a night on the town with your significant other is sure to get your blood pumping.

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