There’s a lot of pressure associated with wearing an outfit more than once in today’s society, people tend to keep record of the clothes and shoes you’ve worn on previous occasions especially in this day and age of Social Media and Selfies, where people document virtually everything online. Some believe that being pictured twice and ‘tagged’ in the same dress on different nights out is a fashion faux pas.
While it’s easy to get hung up on the latest trends, style really isn’t something that can be bought. You can have a whole bunch of the latest designs but if you don’t pair them right, they wouldn’t look good on you, at the end of the day it is all about how you style those old favorites and the last time I checked styling is free.

With that in mind, I’m glad to state that I am a proud member of the re- rockers assembly, if I own it and love it, I’m definitely going to wear it 101 times more, regardless of what the online fashion police says J. I’ve mastered small ways to tweak my old outfits, in such a way that they appear fresh even though it’s been worn several times before. It could be rolling up the sleeves of a shirt I previously wore sleeves down to inject a little cool factor to a classic shirt or rolling up that favorite pair of straight jeans that I wore before with the hemline covering my shoes or also knotting my Tee at the back for a fresh and playful look.

There are various small ways you can style the clothes you already have without going shopping every single time you have an event;

➢ Drape that jacket over your shoulders. It makes your outfit look fresh, more chic and expensive.
➢ Knot it. This one is my personal favorite. I love knotting my shirts and t-shirts for that defined waistline. It is playful and slimming as well.
➢ Transform those oversize shirt, tunic, and coats to fit your frame by adding a belt. It adds polish to even the most casual ensembles.
➢ Switch it up. Pair that favorite pair of jeans with different tops; you can also add a jacket or scarf. Accessorizing is key to switching outfits.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit more than once, it doesn’t mean you are poor neither does it translate to a lack of fashion sense; it all depends on your style and mastering the look you want. Remember that your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall confidence, so don’t allow the judgments of faceless strangers on the Internet affect your lifestyle. Whether you spend thousands of Naira on new clothes every week, people will still find something negative to say about your outfit, my candid opinion is to live a life that is dictated by your choices and not that of others. It is easy to buy new outfits for some anyway but it is more impressive to see how people find innovative ways to use their existing wardrobe.

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