It is pretty difficult to ascertain for sure what would come next after the popular Valentines Day celebration.  Many would would bend their head in utter thought or as usual place their index finger right below their jaw just to biologically generate the answer to this million dollar question.

Valentines Day celebration

After the booze, dance, kisses, smooch and even Intercourse without a second thought,  today is the first day of the rest of what is going to be a long after thought and muse about the events that took place. I am not surprised that this would come up; naturally, failing to plan is a first class ticket to already planning to fail. Why think?
Many young people spend quality time fantasizing about frivolities (in the guise of fun) and prioritize empty decisions that nudges them towards doom. These decisions are often latent in everyway, and so long as they remain so, their positive value remains untapped.

Shopping for Valentines Day

These people (guys and ladies alike) are made to believe that this special day marks an anniversary to a long time future, failing to work on the basics but focusing on the finesse which may not be the true reflection of the outward action. How sad! This is why after every Valentines Day celebration, thousands, if not millions of young people are left heartbroken and deserted.
The result is far from good. There should be a drift in the mindset of these lads of what society has painted Valentines Day to be. A conscious effort needs to be put in place to emphasize that love is a beautiful gift that should be freely and selflessly given, and is not time bound.
 They must also realize that Valentines Day is just an anniversary that commemorates the beautiful gift of love and sacrifice and not a day when lust and immorality is professed. These acts undermines the very essence of Valentines Day and it rubs the significance of the special day in the mud.
Now the question is simple; what’s next after Valentines Day?

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