This morning as I drove to work, an image of a trader playing with her baby caught my eye. She threw him up in the air and caught him and swirled him around as the baby responded with a chuckle and giggle. I smiled to myself as memories came flooding back. I remember doing that with my children when they were babies. Ah! That was in another life! Oh the joy: Motherhood is such a pure delight! Love comes through in little things that we do as mothers regardless of our circumstances and limitations.

God saw in us strength beyond our comprehension and bequeathed on us the role of being the vessel of procreation. As women, when we love we sometimes go the extreme and become sacrificial lambs. We put our lives on hold and put everyone else’s needs over ours. Then when we get to a point in our lives when our children don’t “need” us as much as they once did we just tend to drift. It is even more tragic if we really never had a life! (No income, and lots of unused talent).

There are so many of life’s lessons many mothers didn’t share with their children growing up; many were not told to look out for themselves and find time to be who they are destined to be; instead they were taught to cook, sew, make a husband happy and be great mothers. Many were not told the startling facts and realities of life until it hit them with no one to turn to; because everyone is fighting their own battles and trying to put on a brave face.

Many women, especially the older ones tend to give up on life too easily, reflecting instead on who they could have been as well as some of the poor choices they made in the past. But the truth is, no matter what negative lessons life has taught us there is always a chance to start afresh. Opportunities beckon at the woman who wants to live a life of purpose and who is still burning with a desire to live a purposeful life. It may be hard to believe especially if life has dealt you some cruel blows but there is always another opportunity, another chance. You are not dead until you die, no matter how old you are. What does your heart desire? What’s stopping you from going after it? It always starts with a positive thought and a winning attitude.

I have met many women in the course of my job to know that there’s a fighter in each of us even in the face of discouragement, disappointment and fear. So much more lies ahead of each of us if we are just willing to seize the moment and run with it. As I approach my 60s in a couple of years, I want to make the rest of my life the best of my life. I want to reach that milestone with a splash not a whimper. I want to berth new dreams and break down more barriers. I want to LIVE. I want to be AWESOME.

So wherever you are in your life, it’s up to you to stay put or make a change. Don’t allow age and fear stop you from becoming the woman you were destined to be. There are many other woman out there who have been there, done that and are willing to take your hand and show you the way. But you have to leave your past behind and take those baby steps in faith. Always ask yourself, is this where I should be at this stage in my life? Is this the best I can be? If the answer is NO, then make that move. Get up and make that move. A book is waiting to be written, so write it. A story is waiting to be told, tell it. Life is meant to be lived so LIVE! EMBRACE YOUR INNER GODDESS. BE AWESOME!

This piece was first published in Genevieve magazine December 2015

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