Who cheats more? Men? Women? And why do Partners feel the need to cheat or get to a place in the relationship where they do? People’s reasons behind infidelity are different. Gender often plays a role in the reasons behind infidelity. According to a survey by IllicitEncounters.com, a U.K. dating website for married people, the results show that men are driven to cheat because of arrogance, lust and their ego. Women, however, cheat because they feel neglected by their partner.

According to a survey taken by Statistics brain, these are statistics for the people that cheat below.

But the controversial question is who is believed to cheat more?

The typical answer is that men cheat more but according to Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Jeanette Raymond – “Absolutely. Women who have outgrown their dependency on their partners often cheat just for the exhilaration of being free and in control of their lives. They don’t want to rock the boat too much, nor do they want to feel trapped and forced to restrict themselves to a narrow lifestyle. Cheating is a great way of having that balance. [I know someone] who is married with young children who goes out dancing, picks up guys and cheats. She wants freedom because her husband is clingy and wants her to devote herself to him (which she did in the early days of their relationship). She wants to explore parts of herself that she suppressed earlier in order to get a guy.”

In recent times, women are said to cheat as much as men but there can never be a definite answer to this question.

Who do you think cheats more?

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