Time and time again, rhetorical questions have been asked about the role of women in the society. More often than not, women have been avoided like plague and treated as though they don’t exist in the gathering of men. Truthfully, this is a bitter pill to swallow as the complimentary sex is been given a healthier preference on all fronts of life.
Why is that? Going back to the religious indices of the bible describing men as the head and women being submissive to men, there is no doubt that the demands of the most popular religion in the world will be honoured. Excuses are created on a daily basis why women should be behind men rather than compete with them. All these stem from the fact that the man has been handed a natural leadership and kingly role from the day he is conceived and pronounced to be a male foetus. Fathers instill this mentality in their male children and more often than not, these boys grow up seeing women as below par.
As a man,I have been educated differently to see this century long advocacy for male and female equality as balderdash. In my opinion, they’re equal and that’s because they’re both humans that can function in the same human way. If men say women do not deserve to hold key positions but only men do, that statement is as fallacious as it sounds. Show me a man that can make a good leader, and I’ll show you ten women that can make better leaders.
The worse of it all is what most women think of themselves. Often times, women see themselves as the worthless vessel as compared to their male counterparts. They have overtime groomed a latent mentality that limits them from thinking that they’re better than they actually are. In most cases, they willingly give up juicy positions or privileges to men, describing it as the man’s birthright. How shameful! No one was born to lord it over another in the affairs of life; we were all born with equal IQ and ability to function properly. If there is any breach or vulnerability in there, then it is that person’s making.


Women are so often relegated because they think less of themselves in comparison to men. Part of this ridiculous way of thinking is because of how our culture has placed so much importance on marriage which has forcefully made the woman overly submissive even when her rights are being trampled upon. Parents educate their female children to literally worship their husbands even when he is wrong, and then society in her foolishness see a man as a natural head in the corporate world and other public dispensations.

After all said and done, this mental carnage can be won. When fighting a psychological war of this nature, it is imperative to understand that the secret required to win it is rooted in the person being talked about. Women must change their mentality and outlook of who men really are. She must come to appreciate herself and her abilities, and strive hard to be better regardless of whether a man is in the running or not. She would talk, work and create as the society have allowed men to. Nobody was created to be foolish for the other.
This relegation battle is gathering momentum and every other day, women are subtly pushed to the back row of life’s affairs.
The stage is set and the time is now!

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