When I hear the word travel the first thing that comes to mind is “escape” and that is the very essence of what started my wanderlust. Everyday life can get
boring and utterly overwhelming even with the most fulfilling jobs and student life, as was the case with me.
The first place I ever travelled to was Istanbul, Turkey on a 16 hour layover transit visa! Insane, right? Now, I was bored stiff at the airport and I just needed to do something other than sit around and wait till it was time for my flight.

I travel to see things, and sometimes I travel to do things. But I always travel to learn. For me, travel is not only about experiencing other cultures, it is about experiencing one’s self in an entirely new context. In a new world, surrounded by unfamiliar people and customs, I always discover strengths and weaknesses I never knew I had.

Choosing to travel should be on everyone’s list because you get to see how tiny a drop you are in this ocean called earth; a
new perspective to life, every turn creating new memories. Be it a getaway from that bad job, messy breakup or just vacationing with friends you only get to see twice a year, travel gives a sense of freedom and adventure that the daily ‘normal’ life tends to lack often times. Each time I come back from a trip; it always feels like I’ve been handed a clean slate, to start afresh, to forge ahead, stronger; like a deep breath of unadulterated, unpolluted fresh air the feeling is priceless.

Traveling is also one of greatest tools of self
development for me, asides having fun and taking mind blowing photos for the ‘Gram. There’s something quite intense about leaving everything you know and seeking to discover new things and cancelling out false stereotypes. For
example, in Paris I was kind of shocked to see chivalry wasn’t really a big deal there, I expected men to hold doors for their women like the books always implied. Out of curiosity, I asked a local via Google translate and he said, “French people believe in equality and have never deemed
women as the weaker sex.” How interesting!

Can we talk about food? As I travel more I come to the realisation that no two cuisines are the same, and if you’re a foodie like me, [you] always eager to try foods with names that I can hardly pronounce just to know if I like them or not. Dare I say, that Indians do spice like no other & Parisienne are the gods of baked goods, omg.

The idea that every ‘travel’ needs to be
someplace far away is inaccurate, I love to
do intercity trips. As much as I love jet-setting from country to country, there’s just so much to be seen out there. I’ve been blessed to visit places like Paris, Belarus, Istanbul, Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Buda and still counting.
Travelling has shown me how much every
single person in this world has something to offer the next person. Everyone, place and thing has a story and a set of valuable skills. Listening to any person’s unique life path will undoubtedly add something to yours.

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