My parents are seasoned and passionate travellers so I was introduced to travel as an infant; I was literally flying before I could walk. I grew up loving travel but when I entered my 20s it began to have a much deeper meaning to me, one that I’m not sure I’ve fully grasped yet. That “deeper meaning” consumes me and makes me crave travel desperately when I’m home.

When I’m far away I feel liberated, I feel a stronger connection to myself and I feel myself growing mentally and spiritually; I come back home feeling more unapologetic about who I am and more confident in my choices.

I have this “thing” for waterfalls, when I’m in them I feel inexplicably calm and at peace, it’s always such an empowering experience and Tibumana Waterfall in Ubud, Bali was by far my most fulfilling waterfall experience to date.

I love little spontaneous moments during my travels that turn into lifelong laugh until it hurts memories. During a family holiday in Munich we visited Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria and my friend and I snuck away from my family to hike up the rocky hill, we figured we’d be able to hike up and back down without anyone realising we were gone. Hiking up was fairly easy, hiking down felt like a near death experience. There were many moments when we came so close to falling and seriously injuring ourselves and I cried tearlessly and melodramatically all the way down. The best part was my brothers noticed we were gone, spotted us mid hike and my family watched us in great suspense and panic on our way down. Thankfully we survived, my favourite Acne boots weren’t scuffed and we took some pretty epic pictures.

One of my favourite holiday activities is soaking in the beauty of natural wonders, architecture and food and taking as many pictures of them as possible. I was amazed by the drop-dead gorgeousness of Rwanda and how every second was the perfect photo opportunity! On the drive back to Kigali from Musanze, my siblings and I we’re stopping our driver every 10 minutes to take pictures of the incredible landscape.

I’m a self-proclaimed culinary expert and I explore the dining scenes of all the cities I visit. I hunt for pretty restaurants that serve even prettier food and use research for Suffy Travels as an excuse to indulge in way more than I should. One of the reasons I visit Dubai so often is for their ever-evolving modern dining experiences.

Learning history, discovering cultures, landscapes, architecture and cuisine as well as interacting with people expands my perspective and allows me to experience myself in entirely new contexts. Nothing I’ve ever learned during my travels has made me feel like I understand the world I live in, if anything they highlight how very little I know and being aware of my ignorance keeps me humble, open minded and curious. I embrace my curiosity because I feel like it leads me to finding purpose so, ultimately, I travel to stay curious.

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