The FIT- FAM movement is here to stay. Social Media has made keeping fit and achieving toned abs a little bit trickier for women, in the sense that to balance looking good during workouts with the rise of gym selfies and attempting to date while you sweat is one daunting task. It’s no wonder that loads of us are choosing to wear makeup at the gym.
There’s pressure to look our best, we are expected to wear form fitting athletics wear, be perfectly toned and sculpted, and still have a flattering hair to go with it. If that’s not the definition of pressure, I wonder what is….

Today’s gyms are no longer a place where you are free to look your worst, now you are supposed to be at your best, looking great with gorgeous photos for the “Gram” (Instagram) So it makes sense that we go to the treadmill or aerobics class with a face full of makeup with no care as to how we look after sweating- Insert forgetting you have the makeup on and wiping the sweat thoroughly from your face in so doing smudging the foundation and looking a hot mess.

I’m no expert on skin care but I think that working out with makeup is very, very bad for our skin. Not only does it clog up your pores, makeup sits on the surface of the skin, so when we exercise, heat is generated in the body due to an increase in metabolism, with the skin warmer, it is more susceptible to product absorption that is to say that any makeup that has sat on the surface will be absorbed easily thereby leading to congested skin and blackheads.
For people like me that are prone to acne, it will make things worse and we don’t want that at all.

I also read somewhere that each time we work out in makeup, we trap toxins and waste materials against the skin, oh dear, that’s not good- A layer of makeup interferes with the way the skin works to regulate body temperature, the whole point is for sweat to evaporate and get off the skin not sit there trapped under a layer of foundation.

I know it can be scary to bare skin that doesn’t meet the world’s standard of beauty but you will be doing yourself a favor long term. Wearing makeup to the gym will trap so much rubbish against your skin that you will end up looking duller and older, and that’s definitely not the look we are going for.

If you must wear makeup to the gym, go for a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a dusting of mineral powder, mascara and lip gloss. PLEASE NO FOUNDATION.
Remember to cleanse the skin immediately after workout to make sure sweat and bacteria doesn’t sit on the skin.

Side note- Snapchat filters are life savers, we can now afford to go bare- faced and still achieve flawless post-gym selfies that is “Gram-worthy”


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