Face-beating had never been more popular. In the last few years, makeup of all types has exploded unto the internet with a wave of tutorial videos, many emerging makeup lines and an overall peak in interest in painting our faces.
In the colorful wave that is upon us, it is easy for us to neglect one of the most important factors in having a beautiful face- going makeup free. Yes, makeup free.

While a good Face-beat is absolutely beautiful to look at, there are many benefits to letting your face go bare.

First of all, face-beating is a task in itself. Putting on makeup can be draining  and sometimes you might just not feel like it. And that’s okay. You’re not obliged to wear makeup everyday.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that makeup products are synthetic and having them on your face for the majority of the day every day can do damage to your skin in the long run. So, letting your skin breathe from time to time is actually beneficial for your beauty in the long run.

Plus, aesthetically speaking, a bare face is actually very beautiful. While it’s a good thing that women are enjoying and experimenting with makeup,  we shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that our natural faces aren’t beautiful.

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