There is a special bond that exists between women and the popular Lagos traffic. I know that your minds will wander here and there when you first come across this headline; but the reality is that there is a special bond that exists between these two.

Many would argue that the traffic in Lagos is the biggest worldwide because of its consistent nature, but truth be told, there is nothing compared to it. These days, the traffic has made people very comfortable sleeping in an uncomfortable position. People just get into the bus, pay their fare, bend their head and off they go because they know they aren’t getting to their destinations in at least three hours.

That aside, I am actually writing to explain the relationship between women and the Lagos traffic. When rushing off to work on a fine day, you can confirm this testimony. A woman leaves the house looking different and arrives at work looking different in a different way. How magical! This transformation occurs within minutes during transit and one cannot but imagine how women perform this abracadabra while driving or sitting in a public bus.

Lagos traffic has afforded the ladies the much-needed time to put on their real face (makeup). They leave home with a different face and would have to spend valuable time trying to fix the real face. This period is usually filled with meticulous analysis of the face and then a strict screening of the materials required to transform the outlook of the face. From the foundation, powder, eyeliner and some other unique tools peculiar to them would be on fleek.

Impressive! Women love to slay, be it at work or at a casual event. Although the former doesn’t really give too much time for preparation but remember, “When there is a will, there is always a way”.

Just imagine Lagos without traffic; what would become of some women? I don’t know, tell me. Some ladies won’t be allowed entrance into their workplace because they’re actually not wearing their real face!

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