Oke Maduewesi is the founder and CEO of Zaron group of companies- a cosmetics and hair brand.

Before Zaron, Oke Maduewesi was a Senior Branch Manager at Zenith Bank International. She however left quite her job and relocated to Lagos after she lost her husband to a plane crash.

Armed with a degree in Economics (from Edo State University), a Masters degree in Business Administration (from University of Leeds, UK) and her daughters Oke left everything she was and everything she knew in PortHarcout and headed to Lagos to build her company.

When asked why she quit a good paying high profile job at a time when she was most vulnerable, Oke said “I had to move to the next phase because Port Harcourt reminds me of pain, it was where I lost my husband.”

So she sold everything she had and relocated to Lagos to start up something of her own. She was going through one of the worst phases of life but yet she took control of her situation and built something substantial and beautiful from it.

In 2006, she lost her husband in a tragic plane crash, and was left to nurse a toddler and a pregnancy. In spite of the sorrowful period Oke took the pen of life and rewrote her story. She decided to move out of her comfort zone to do more fulfilling things.

She decided to acquire more managerial and leadership skills, she enrolled in a business school and fuelled her passion for entrepreneurship.

She started Zaron cosmetics in 2011 and it grew to become one of the most reputable cosmetics company for dark skinned women in Nigeria and other countries as well. Zaron has grown to the capacity of over 26 outlets in Nigerian, Ghana, the UK and USA.

Oke Maduewesi has indeed made a name for herself and her brand in the beauty industry.


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