Never met a woman I did not love, or a woman that isn’t loveable; imperfections and all. Women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth. Thin or fat, tall, or short, they are all the same with their individual unique peculiarities. With a smile they take away your sadness. With a teardrop they draw you into the depths of their emotions.

What would the world be without women? I can’t bear to imagine. Wars and clashes will prevail, no tame man to be seen. They are all beautiful, in their individual way. With or without makeup, nothing compares. These are the women I see every day.

What will the world be without women? Without hands that hold you up when you are down. Or tongues that lift your spirit when you are broken. Without a soul that is always ready to put you first. Or a heart that beats to the rhythm of Earth’s silent music.

Women are special, in their happiness and anger. Not deserving of hate or ill-treatment, vile words or violence. Stay strong young woman, know who you are. The fairest of all creatures, you deserve only the best.

Every woman is deserves to be reminded of how beautiful and appreciated she is. Every woman is a blessing to the world.

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