How often I like talking about the women folk, a special being crested with a heart as loud as lions and a spirit free like the wind. Quite often, the world has seen her as weak and tried to make a rash comparison with her male counterpart, forgetting her personal struggles, her responsibilities which appear more psychological than physical, and the fact that she has to deal with the vulnerabilities the world has placed on her shoulders.
As we celebrate international women’s day , I am obliged to allay the fears they have to grapple with while trying to make their own impact in this male dominated world. These days, emphasis is placed on gender and not on delivery, leaving intelligent and talented women in the wings. This silent tussle goes on and on, leaving women thinking less of themselves; sometimes believing that they are not and cannot measure up to men in life’s affairs. Sadly, this thought process draws them further down the pecking order, leaving a mental scar.

Most women rarely heal from this intangible wound and go about their daily activities believing they’re mediocre and will remain so when compared to men. Women have an array of natural gifts embedded in them capable of making them rule the world (without necessarily lording it over men). One could argue that they are emotional beings, considered as one of the reasons why mankind is filled with evil, but never have these perceived thoughts explained the reasons behind the emotional castigations. Never!
As we celebrate this year’s international women’s day, there are things women have to call to mind. Fear in its nature limits a person and leaves you fretting about possibilities. Courage is that tablet that spurs the wind of innovations and positive change, which is what women need to embrace in order to stay on top of their game. It’s a male dominated society and will be difficult to convince posterity that women can favourably compete with their male counterparts in all facets; but this is only possible when they’re enjoying the comfort of their shells.
This year’s celebration tagged ‘press for progress’ should be the game changer for women in Nigeria. It should mark a renaissance of doing things differently and truncating every form of discouragement that will limit the modern woman. Women are the catalysts for progress and sustainable change; they have all it takes to rule the world. But they must banish fear from their life’s diary.

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