As part of activities to mark the international women’s day celebration, we saw the importance of involving men in women’s quest to press for progress. We took to the street to seek the opinion of men regarding this year’s theme tagged: “Press For Progress”. Their reactions were eye-opening:

“If you watch globally, women are more caring, because they have this human sympathy more than men. Men are mostly hard-hearted because of the hard nature of job they do. Women are soft-hearted because they don’t involve themselves in violent acts like men’. Women need to be celebrated because right from childhood, my mom has always been there more than my dad, so I believe they should be celebrated”.


“I believe without women, there’ll be no mankind, women are wonderful beings. Of course, women deserve to be celebrated but not all, especially the ones that are of benefits to you of course your mom, your sister, your wife and your daughters. A woman has a role to play not only in the society but in the family and I think their roles should be limited, except a woman that is not under a man, she could press for whatever she wants. So long as she is under a man, there should be a limit to what she can press for; she either has to face her career and abandon the homefront or face the homefront; it has to be balanced”.

“It’s actually a beautiful day for we to appreciate the women, you know women are actually gifts. If you actually have a woman and you cannot appreciate your woman, then you don’t know the reasons for women. I think a bulk of men appreciates their woman, I appreciate my woman and I don’t know of other people because we are different. Women need to stand up; if you feel you’re a woman and you can’t do this, then you’re deceiving yourself. As a woman, you can stand up to do what women don’t do because women have a gift, they have a guidance spirit that God accepts and even with getting anything. There is no man today that stands fully that doesn’t get supported by a woman. Women need to stand up”.

“Well in my opinion, women should be celebrated because looking at it from a family perspective, the bulk of the job and everything is done by women, and at the end of the day in Nigeria, they’re not as celebrated as they should. I feel they should be more appreciated and celebrated in Nigeria. I think Nigeria’s politics, women are not active. A few leadership positions are left for the men in Nigeria, I don’t know if it is their belief or something; they just more or less leave it to the men to do it. Even when it comes to voting, most times they don’t come out and actually they don’t vote for those they want, they actually vote for those their husbands ask them to vote for. They’re voices are not that heard; the time has come for them to step up and take the space”.

“Women are so much underrated and that is not a good sign. International women’s day is a core reminder that women are special and deserve special treatment. Just as our mothers, wives and sisters are very special to us, we have to respect their dispositions in every day life. I think women should continue to press for progress, they deserve it. They have been marginalized too often, it time for them to break-free”.


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