Last week, singer Jhene Aiko made headlines after getting a tattoo of rapper and boyfriend Big Sean on her arm. His entire face was imprinted on her skin. Responses were mixed on the tat: some found it a cute display of love, some found it a bit too much. As with any major, (mostly) irreversible  move made for a significant other, getting a tattoo in their honor is a tricky decision and is bound to get tongues wagging.

Some say that getting a tattoo of a significant other seals your love in place and some say that it jinxes the relationship. But time and time again, people make this move, to varying results. Should you?


The first question to ask is why you want the tattoo in the first place. Obviously, it is to symbolize and in a way immortalize your love, but is it necessary? As with any tattoo, it is important to note that it is mostly permanent and should you ever change your mind, it will be expensive and painful to remove. Relationships fail all the time and people regret or get tired of tattoos. If the former happens, you’ll have a constant reminder of the relationship and if the latter happens, you’ll either have to cough up a good amount of money or live with a tattoo you don’t like anymore. What is to be done?

First of all, getting a permanent imprint on your skin should only be done for very few people. Some women have a policy of only getting tattoos of their children. While the relationship could work out, it is safer to only get a tattoo of a person you have been with for a significant amount of time or a spouse.


If you’re still determined to get the tattoo, give it a test run first. Get a temporary tattoo for a few weeks and if you still want one afterward, that’s a good sign. Some people actually only get temporary tattoos and as such, change their body ink every few months.



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