Well, sadly not everyone makes it down the aisle. Couples grow apart, things change, realisations are made, things get ugly, minds move in different directions, and the heart wants what it wants—until it doesn’t. And in these positions, we ask the question Do you return the engagement ring if it’s called off?

We have Mariah who got engaged and called it of, all 35-carats of it. Well you’d think it’s pretty simple a question to answer and it’s pretty black and white, but many couples that go through it find it difficult to make a decision of ownership. Do you keep it regardless because you feel you are owed something after you’ve been wronged? Do you throw it in his or her face and walk away? There’s no right or wrong answer but it’s a topic that comes up more often than one might think. Here is the response from the G-Team on whether we’d be holding it or giving it back and letting go.

“Yes. If we are no longer together, I don’t need physical reminders of the relationship in my life.”  -Tokoni, Online Content writer.

“Ehmmmmm, No I wouldn’t if he’s the one that called it off. Finna sell it and make some cashhhhhh but if I called it off, I’d return it. “  -Iju, In house Photographer.

“Why would you want to keep it? You absolutely must return it. Bad juju all the way around. Good bye to bad rubbish ”  -Anonymous.

“Lol. Yes. No need hurting myself. I feel it’s only right and I really don’t want anything to remind me of him or even feel like I still owe him anything. I just won’t keep it. . ”  -Nancy.

“Totally depends on the reasons for the breakup. If he was abusive or he cheated, he’ll yes keep it girl. If it was a mutual decision or he wasn’t ready and nothing malicious then return it.” – Bunmi, Genevieve Lifestyle contributor.

“It’s either I return it or go and sell it cuzz I’m a savage ”  -Tobi, Genevieve Beauty contributor.

“It is demeaning to keep it, especially if you were the one who called it off. Though, unless the partner was abusive or something of that sort, then I would of course keep the ring, sell it, and donate the proceeds to charity or get myself a beautiful Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag for putting myself through his mess.”  – Patience, Genevieve Finance contributor.

“If I had a ring like Kim Kardashian West or Mariah Carey, you’re going to have to pull my fingers from my hand to get that ring off. That’s a life time settlement.”  – Kemi, G-Wellness Contributor.

“I might turn it to a pretty necklace. Don’t want him giving it to another woman. My heart couldn’t take it”  – Anonymous

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